An easy way to develop concentration

Like all parts of our body, the more we use something the more it develops.

The brain is the same, the more it’s exercised the stronger it becomes, this is an effective way to do it.

This is how you can do it

The trick to training the brain to concentrate is through focus attempts, or exercises. Choose something you like to think about, maybe a past experience, or something you would like to happen in the future, and focus on that scenario.

Perhaps best to choose something simple as the more complex the more raw compute power needed from the brain. And this would make the exercise more tiring than it needs to be.

I got good results by imagining these scenarios playing out in front of me, as if I was taking part. Or sometimes just watching.

You see, at first the images might be blurry and distorted or flippant and inconsistent. This is a reflection of how the brain is used to operating. All day everyday our mind jumps between topics. You may get distracted whilst doing this,  as soon as you realise, reinforce the image and scenario, correcting the errors as if you were an artist painting in a painting. Each time you practice the images and scenes they will become more defined and detailed.

The good thing is practising visualization increases your capacity to concentrate, as long as the visualization is decided before hand and you have set boundaries.

The candle exercise

Some Yogi practices recommend visualizing a candle, a very still one, in a dark room. What would compel you to do that?. Visualize interesting, engaging, fun, even erotic scenarios, it’s far more fun and engaging. And causes you to practice for more time and with increased dedication, as it’s fun! We can learn transcendental meditation in another post.

Forcing yourself to think of a still image, that has no real movement, and is not engaging. It’s learning how to concentrate for the purposes of meditation. This is another skill, called discipline.  Develop your discipline separately!

Concentration is not discipline and concentration doesn’t require discipline, only concentrating on non-engaging subjects and doing tasks you don’t really feel like doing require discipline. Concentration in this manner is a skill.

When I practice I try to keep the scenario and experience enjoyable, doing it this way I’ve spent 8 hours or more practising visualization sometimes. It  can be better than video games!

This simple technique will have a profound effect on your brain.

  1. You will learn the skill of visualizing.
  2. You will learn to concentrate
  3. As you are thinking of pleasant scenarios it will put you in a better mood.

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