How emotions affect you and how to isolate them

Nearly all of us suffer from one or more emotional issues, they may be quite mild and seem to have no impact on your life.

But emotions can have a more profound effect on our daily lives than you think.

Your actions are controlled by your subconscious

In fact as most of our behaviour is automatic and heavily influenced if not controlled from the subconscious. It makes sense that the emotions that shape our subconscious would have an immediate effect on our actions.

Actually, most of what we do or say is governed by emotions feeding through from the subconscious.

Memories are tied to emotions in the amygdala

All our memories are stored in neurons that have emotions associated with them in the amygdala.

Picture of amygdala
This tiny gland could well be the gatekeeper!

If you experience something without any emotion whatsoever then you probably would barely be able to remember it!

In order to validate this: what are the most prevalent memories you have? I bet they are the ones that have an emotional link, ones that are meaningful.

Some memories are inaccessible to us

Some memories that have overwhelming emotions become inaccessible to normal consciousness and you could only recall it with the help of special techniques such as hypnosis.

They would still affect your behaviour though as it is still tied to a powerful emotion, and the fact you can’t even recall the blocked memory would mean you wouldn’t even know where the influence is coming from!

Emotions control actions

Emotions affect behaviour, but perhaps they are the very thing that controls it, acting as a catalyst on the subconscious.

Emotions underpin everything in the subconscious, and our emotional state determines current behaviour by selecting a region of learned behaviour from our subconscious. Making your actions bubble up as possibilities.

It then makes sense to clear up negative emotions from our subconscious so they do not pose such a dominant influence on our behaviour.

How to isolate negative emotions:

This is what you need to do!

When you next do or think something that is detrimental and realise that a cooler head, a different perspective or understanding would have made you react differently you are probably experiencing behaviour that has been negatively influenced by emotions rooted in the subconscious.

You need to become aware of these emotions, begin to feel them for what they are, contemplate and observe them.


It’s even worth revising reactions that you didn’t or don’t consider inappropriate based on the circumstances but weren’t all that happy with the outcome they produced.

List them

Make a list of these emotions by first naming the emotions then follow with a phrase about how you felt when you last felt it being triggered. The simple act of observing makes them stand out when they reoccur and increases your control by making you conscious of them.

Soon I will talk about reprogramming unwanted behaviours.

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